Laser tag is a team or individual sport or recreational activity where players attempt to score points by tagging targets, typically with a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played. 

Laser tag is popular with a wide range of ages. When compared to paintball, laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles, and indoor versions may be considered less physically demanding because most indoor venues prohibit running or roughhousing.

If you want to try this fascinating game – you can do it right now.

Contact us, and you will be able to experience how many festive emotions it brings. In our military park "Garrison-A" it is possible to combine physical activity and participation in an interesting game.That is why so many people choose "Garrison-A".

The big arsenal of the historical weapon, legendary PPSh and MP-40, military garrison in stylistics of the 40th and extensive forest ranges wait for you!
Many of those who has come to us once, come back again and again. And there is no wonder: laser tag involves just like any other extreme sports.
 Only, unlike them, it is absolutely safe. 

5 facts about Lasertag: 

  • Lasertag is a dynamic mobile game like paintball with use of modern laser equipment.
  • The success in game depends on unity of the team and ability of players to act together.
  • Absolute safety and the maximum approach to conditions of real fight.
  • There is no need to buy additional balls - laser shots are infinite.
  • There are no balls with the paint leaving bruises.

Comparison of Lasertag with other tactical games

Range           20-30 м              60-90 м 100-1000 м
Real models of the weapon
Participation of children 
Fair play of opponents

Impossible to cheat computer
Clothes damage
Additional "ammo"
Painful feelings