Paintball club "Garrison-A" (Moscow region)

Are you choosing a place for corporate celebration? Are you fond of the Team Building organization? Do you and your friends love active recreation? Are they fond of paintball?

We present you a new place where you will be able to have a rest with a family, to play paintball with friends or to organize corporate event – paintball club "Garnizon-A".

Why you will like to have a rest at us, in "Garrison-A"?

  • REASONABLE PRICES! SPECIAL OFFERS (Birthdays, students, family, office party)
  • NEW EQUIPMENT AND UNIFORM. We bought ALL the new equipment in the spring of this year.
  • BALLS. We don't use balls that have already been used or bought on the sale
  • MASKS. Only NEW ones! If you do not want your mask to become damp, we will offer you masks with THERMAL (double) glass
  • VESTS. To avoid bruises some clubs offer vests to women and children. "Garrison-A" gives vests to ALL the players.
  • ADDITIONAL PROTECTION. Do you want to protect yourself ? No problem! We will offer you extra protection for a neck, knees,elbows and gloves.
  • ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT. Grenades, extended trunks and tubes will let you get more pleasure while playing
  • RANGES OF 5000 SQ.M.
  • Paintball at NIGHT or at WINTER with special winter balls