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Patriotic war is of 1812. Napoleonika »» First world and Civil War »» World War II »» Paintball »» Strikekball »» Lasertag 2033 »»

Center of military-historical reconstruction "Garrison -A " invites those who are interested in history and loves his country.

"Garrison-A " is located in the Moscow Region, Pavlovsky Posad district village Blacksmiths camp "Bright Lake."

Garrison himself, made in the form of military towns 40s, in which there are military-historical clubs, search party, interactive museum of living history, Military equipment from different eras, Barracks for accommodation, Club

"Hospital " tent city, a large sports complex in the open air, airsoft, paintball, archery and shooting ranges knife.

In order to patriotic education "Garrison-A" conducts programs for children and youth " in Garrison Living History ", " basic training " program " full immersion " "We are from the Future "

For those who prefer outdoor activities all conducted tactical sports games-paintball, airsoft, WWII ayrsoft, laser tag.

For fans of team sports are sports fields (soccer and volleyball ).

If you are accustomed to spending time with family-in the playground, natural ponds, fishing, winter ice rink.

For those who come for a few days be accommodated in the barracks of the garrison, as well as food.

Military Park "Garrison -A "-a unique venue for corporate and special occasions, holidays with family and friends.

"Garrison-A" place of intellectual and psychological games "liquidation", "Mafia", "Crocodile".

Due to its interior, possible rental forms, models of weapons, military equipment, "Garrison-A" is chosen as the set for movies and programs.

Center of military-historical reconstruction "Garrison-A" organizes and conducts large military reconstruction:

February 23 - The annual festival dedicated to the events of World War II.
May 18 - The festival dedicated to the events of the Civil War in Russia in 1919. "MOSCOW DIRECTIVE."
June 21 - Festival of military equipment " ENGINES OF WAR."
July - a large-scale festival "battlefield".
September - Festival "breakthrough". Annual military historical festival dedicated to the events of the First World War.

During excursions organized both inside the military and the historic town of "Garrison-A", and on the territory of our Partner GBUK "Military Technical Museum MO " Chernogolovka, you will be able not only to see an interesting military equipment, but also ride in it. Including the " Willis " on the " legendary ", " lorry ", APC 's or even a tank.

Apart from the main town of Military History, Military Park "Garrison-A" offers a few more sites for various activities in many areas of the Moscow region,

including unique Underground Landfill-" UNDERGROUND Garrison" in Noginsk.

"Garrison -A " provides a platform for carrying out their airsoft games. Our polygons conducted their " open" and " closed"-"Association of large strike ", " SK airsoft Moscow and Moscow " orggruppa " Z.L.O. " etc.

For more information, go to the appropriate page or call:

+7 (916) 328-08-31 - Garrison Commandant
+7 (905) 549-01-46 - Doorman garrison

For group applications :

+7 (916) 339-97-07-Head Node communication –

General e-mail

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